Why I’m trekking Snowdon in June

Just under three weeks now until I’ll be trekking Snowdon. Eek! Erm.... Eeeeek!

So, why am I doing Snowdon?

I’ve been asked a few times, and there are a few reasons...

I was born with a rare condition, called localised fibrous dysplasia and congenital pseudarthrosis, of the right tibia bone. It’s so rare that it took the doctors a while to figure out what it was, and my parents went through some other scarier suggestions of what it could be before it was finally diagnosed. I was then sent to a specialist surgeon in Surrey. What this condition basically means, is that the bone crumbles and breaks, and doesn’t heal. So I had a few operations when I was young, such as having a battery in at one point (I still have that hanging around somewhere!) and having a bone taken out of my hip and put into my leg, along with a steel pin to keep it together. I spent Christmas time in hospital one year (claim to fame is meeting Santa. Yep!), and even attended a few hospital school classes (heaps of fun as I mostly played with magnet toy people on a stage). 

I wish I had two 'normal' legs, but I don't

I was recently looking through photos on my phone, whilst listening to a podcast about authenticity, and I reached the photos of me speaking recently at Professional Beauty. And whilst I’m always be honest and true, I was suddenly hit with the memory of seeing these photos for the first time before sharing them... So, honestly…? One of the first things I noticed were my legs and how you could see they were different. 

Yet, here I was, standing up on stage speaking at an event, something I thought I would never have the confidence to achieve. But, something I did achieve, had huge positive feedback for, and had an absolute blast! And, my first thought of seeing this photo showing something I was so incredibly proud to achieve? How my legs looked. When you put it like that, ridiculous right?!

Lose Your Mind, Find Your Soul

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.’ Unknown.

Life is full of ups and downs. If we didn’t have the downs, we wouldn’t know the ups. It constantly throws us challenges and that’s how we learn and grow.

I’ll be honest, I’d been thrown a few challenges recently, and it had eventually started to feel a little foggy for a few days. I’m so thankful, as I know challenges help me be a better me, and they also help me understand and be in a better place to support others. If I hadn’t had those little moments, I wouldn’t know what other’s experience and how to help, and I love being able to help others get back to that balanced state, to see the bigger picture and come to great realisations. If I hadn’t had those moments, I would be sharing without really even knowing.

​Do you ever just stop and think... ‘what if?!’

I had a really lovely walk this Boxing Day morning. A good couple of hours outside before family celebrations continued. The first hour walking, my mind was busy. Then, the fog started to lift as clarity and gratitude came in. Nature is such a blessing.

Christmas is the perfect time to reflect, and I was suddenly grateful with thoughts of ‘what if?’. It’s all too easy to find ourselves focusing on the challenging times in life from a negative position, but how incredible is it to look at those challenges and to feel blessed for what they have brought.

I found myself looking at my ‘what ifs?’, my challenges, my journey, and feeling just so incredibly grateful.

What if, I had never started in my own business? What if, I hadn’t had those challenging times in my business? What if, I hadn’t chosen the career I wanted? What if, I’d have married that man? What if, I hadn’t had the health challenges with my leg? I could go on, but you get the idea...

Top 10 Tips for Allowing Balance, and Inviting Happiness into Your Life

I wanted to share my top ten tips, from my own experience, on what I have found to bring calm, balance and happiness in my day to day, no matter what is going on around me. If these are new to you, but you feel you want the results of what these can bring then set yourself a challenge… Try these for just 14 days and see the difference it can start to make.

Any questions, feel free to contact me.  

1.     Be true to yourself

Always be true to yourself. If something feels right for you, do it and don’t let others cloud your judgement. Always trust in yourself and your abilities as after all, you know you better than anyone else!

How Can We Accept, Cut Ties, and Let Go?

Isn’t it an amazing feeling when we finally cut ties and let go!

This conversation has come about a fair bit in the last week, so it felt time to share.

I had an absolutely perfect day yesterday out on a 3 hour walk in the very hilly countryside. Literally, I was in my element, the time flew! Nature can be so inspiring and completely nurturing for the soul. It was a great chance to connect on Sunday. I had a few moments of clarity, insight and understanding on many things, one being about letting go.

‘Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go’

A perfect quote for this time of year. Letting go can be so freeing and so rewarding.

A Boost for the New Year Mindset and Lifestyle - Online Workshop

Have you been suffering with a busy mind, overwhelming thoughts, anxiety, or day to day pressures? Generally not feeling that calm, relaxed feeling inside?

I want to tell you about an online workshop I have been looking at creating for the new year! I’m so excited, as I think it will be absolutely amazing and a perfect way for you to kick off 2019.

You Always Have Access to a Peaceful Place

I shared a story of how I returned home from the Relaxation Retreat last week, and as you do, you always feel a tad glum when you return back home from being away. The following day I was leaving the supermarket with my shopping in a trolley, arrived back to my car and it was so warm and sunny out. I put the shopping in the boot of my car and for second reached for the bottle of water in my bag, closed my eyes and took a sip.

In that moment, the sun beaming on my face and a refreshing drink, I was literally in the caribbean or some other exotic island. Within a split second I had taken myself away and it was amazing. I could literally feel and see this beautiful place! Perfect!

Do You Worry What People Think of You?

I received a message from a friend today and in conversation they asked if I ever worried what people thought of me.

My answer?

‘Worry’? No. ‘Wonder’, on the other hand, of course.

It’s natural to wonder what people think of you and to hope to be liked, but there really is no point getting caught up in it. I know that not everyone will like me, and I’m pretty sure that I may not easily like everyone I meet too. That’s just life.

Relaxation Retreat in Southern France

We have just returned from our Relaxation Retreat in Southern France, and had such an amazing time, I couldn’t wait to share!

So, I headed off to our location near Bergerac in France a couple of days before, to ensure everything was ready for the arrival of our guests. As the plane headed through the clouds, the sky was beautifully blue with a blanket of fluffy clouds beneath me.

I had a good couple of days getting everything perfect with help from Madeline, the home owner of our guest Retreat.

On the Friday morning, we set off from the house to collect out guests from the airport. We returned and as luggage was taken to each guest room, we had the chance to sit with a refreshing welcome drink and go through our itinerary for the weekend.

The sun was shining, so it was beautiful and warm. Perfect for our boat trip up the river which followed to kick off the weekend of calm and relaxation.

Peak State: Take Your Mind to the ‘Gym’

Peak state: You take your body to the gym to improve and strengthen it, you need to do the same with your mind. 🤯 Mindblowing, right?!

I’m currently at a fantastic two day business seminar in London. One of the speaker statements was about how you need to work on your mind, like you do your body in the gym. This is something I’ve heard many, many times before, and I know to be true, so thought I’d share.

I work regularly on my mindset and on keeping myself in a balanced state, and have done for a good few years now. So, I know the truth of this statement. In the past, like many, I have been in low places, and high places. I also know my peak places. I feel I’m in peak place now.

I look back on past times and know that I have been in places, that yeeeears before that, I thought were good places. Places that I thought were the best it could be. Or places which are just the norm. Day to day life getting on, and it was good. I felt happy enough. But, peak place is the amaaaazing difference from a general ‘good’ place to waaaaybuo there. Many of you many have experienced it... Inner peace, relaxed with any situations, feeling truly ‘myself’, feeling bright and happy, feeling the power of the mind and knowing that you can control it, and move life forward. It feels powerful really, as a place.

Never Judge a Book

This was me in NYC last year. What an incredible trip. One of the very best I’ve had, and I was alone. I spent 6 days on my own in the states from New York, through to Boston. I want to tell you about my plane journey...

So, I hop on board and find my seat. An aisle seat, with a space next to me, and a man over by the window. A couple of rows down on the right, there’s a man looking a bit shifty. He’s looking around a bit. A woman gets on the plane. He’s in her seat. He gets up, and looks for another one, realising he may have to admit defeat and sit in his own seat... which it had dawned on me was the one in the middle next to me. I ask if he’s wanting to sit there and he, kind of sulkily, says yes.

So this guy, he’s BIG. Like HUGE. And there was no smile on his face. My heart was pounding.

I am not good enough


Turns out, this is my negative core belief. Woooo. Pretty heavy there. Pretty scary to put that out here too. But, here goes...

A few years ago now, for various reasons, a couple of my friends had been to visit a counsellor. They were coming back and talking to me about it, how good she was, how nice, and all the interesting things they were figuring out. I started to get massive FOMO (fear of missing out). Like, seriously?! I am fascinated by the mind and our thoughts, and I was really intrigued as to what I could figure out about me. What would she have to say?!

I didn’t really have any big concerns at the time, I thought, I’ve always been pretty good with my thoughts and emotions. Just managing to get on with things and deal with my own issues. I’m a ‘Cockell’, after all (if you hadn’t spotted, that’s my surname). Cockell’s are strong. 

Don't Let Anything Hold You Back

You may have heard the quote from Walt Disney 'if you can dream it, you can do it'. A quote I love, which is so very true.

You often hear of people overcoming obstacles to succeed in something they dream of. It's always very inspiring and shows that it can be done.

A couple of years ago, after a couple of comments at the time, I thought of my story and I felt I wanted to share...

So, little ole me... the Founder and CEO of The Reef beauty retreats...

This is me aged about 5

What's important to your loved one, and you?

A few years back, I read a book called the '5 Love Languages' by Gary Chapman. A fascinating book whether you are in a relationship or single, and it's stuck with me ever since. It's almost a bit of a game changer.

The basis is that there are 5 love languages, and we each have our individual primary and secondary love language. That doesn't mean to say that we don't do any of the other 3 or that if they're different to our partners that it won't work, but what it does do is bring clarity on how well we get along with and understand the other person. 

How positive thinking can avoid anger and frustrations in daily life

A while back now I was in the car with a friend, who shall remain nameless, and we were driving along a country lane (myself the driver, my friend the passenger), and we came face to face with another car. There was not enough room for us to pass, and this car had literally just passed a part of the road which it could've stopped at and given us both room to pass. But he hadn't, and he also didn't look like there was going to be any attempt at reversing just a smidge to allow this to happen.

Within seconds I put my car into reverse and commented how I'd just reverse back down the road to an area we had passed bit further down. No big deal, I'm a confident driver and who knows why this man hadn't attempted it. He looked like he was maybe elderly and perhaps he wasn't as confident in reversing. Or maybe he didn't see the space just behind.

Overthinking and anxious? Accept uncertainty - Life is exciting!

A couple of years ago I was having a few days where I had felt a little off centre. A little out of whack, you might say.

I would like to have thought, even then, I was a fairly well-balanced person. Mindfulness plays a big part in my life and I tend to figure out why I feel the way I feel, and what I need to do if the way I feel needs changing or brought back into alignment. However, I'm human, and being human it is completely natural for us all to occasionally head on a little rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. It could be for any reason at all.

So I had realised that for a few days recently I had been overthinking. I would struggle to get to sleep for thinking, then during the day I would still find myself overthinking and analysing.

Thinking of future situations and conversations, thinking about what other people may be thinking, and so on.

One Step at a Time Achieves the Goal

Yesterday I attended a business seminar in London. I'd booked the tickets 6 weeks before. As soon as the email came out, I knew I wanted to attend. The day was finally here, and I was unsure if I was going to go.

Surprisingly I was very awake at 5.40am and, although I had been looking forward to it, I woke to doubting voices in my head. They were telling me how much work I had to do... Did I really have time to go?! Could I justify the day up in London? Was the seminar really valuable to me right now? Would I even have time to take action on what would come from it?

Over and over these thoughts kept playing in my mind and fighting with the thoughts suggesting that the course is possibly a rare one, the knowledge would be useful forever, I'd meet like-minded people, and I'd been looking forward to it.

The Importance of Structure to Your Day, and Time Out

There are a lot of pressures when running your own business, and it’s all too easy to get caught up in overworking, reacting to demands (meaning a lack of structure), and therefore, overwhelm, and lack of productivity.

You’ve probably been there yourself. Burn out.

You’ve been running on the hamster wheel, trying to get everything done, working into the evening, adapting and responding to everyone else’s needs, and you reached the point where you felt stressed. The point where you feel you have lack of time, you can’t focus, and you simply want to shut the world away for a bit.

It can be so easy not to have a set structure to your week. You’re trying to fit everything in, and not only that, but the team need your support, and you’re trying to be on hand for any difficulties they may be facing too.

So, how do we avoid the burn out?