Hi! My name is Clare Cockell.

It was probably around 2010 when I randomly doodled the Moment logo in my diary. Being in the beauty and wellbeing industry, I guess I've always had an interest in general wellbeing, mindfulness, and self-care. The idea came to me, and was simply left in the background. I was running other businesses and didn't really know where to start with Moment. Fast forward to 2017, and here we are. Mindfulness and wellbeing are bigger than they've ever been and, with a fast paced lifestyle, most of us now want to find ways to keep the mind and body in balance.

As many, I have been through my own experiences in life, recently having also trained in life coaching. Through time I have found various ways to deal with what's thrown at me, but also found myself to be generally much more relaxed about life and able to deal with any given situation. These are things I want to share as I feel it's important for us all, and I really want to help others who may be struggling. Read more here.

Moment shares my experiences and advice, along with that of others (our guest bloggers and team).

Feel free to contact us with any feedback and subjects you feel may be of interest to Moment.

We wish you a day of peaceful moments.

Thank you for joining us,

Clare Cockell ~ Founder, Moment