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Hi! I'm Clare.

Hypnotherapist  |  Life Coach  |  Meditation Teacher

I wish I knew then, what I know now.

My ethos is being beautifully and lovingly 'Unapologetically You'.


What is being 'Unapologetically You'?

I used to...

~ Feel afraid to speak up or be seen
~ Constantly try to please others
~ Be unsure in my decision making

~ Want to be liked, over just being myself
~ Dilute myself to keep safely within what felt 'normal'

~ Be unkind to myself with my thoughts and actions
~ Struggled with limiting beliefs like thinking I wasn't good enough

All of this left me unhappy, frustrated, and fed up.

Sound familiar?

For me, becoming and being 'Unapologetically You' was a journey. A journey that is constantly and forever evolving.

It comes down to confidently living in the truth of who you are.

It’s being full of kindness, compassion, love, and respect, and being treated the same in return.

It’s being that you who doesn’t fear being seen, and who is shining your big beautiful light in the world.

I found that once I started to live my 'Unapologetic Self' everything started to improve - my friendships, relationships, work, happiness, health, and so on.

How did I get to being Unapologetically Me?


I was shy growing up; nervous about speaking up in front of others, I always wanted to be well behaved and do my parents proud.

I’d always been a bit of a spiritual soul but it was about July 2013 when I accidentally bought my first personal development book. Ha! (You'll now only find my head buried in that section!). It was recommended in a business blog about managing teams, but actually it was more all about how we understand ourselves, and therefore others.

At the time, I was newly engaged to my partner I had been with for over 7 years. This book was welcome during a busy time, but I also hadn’t realised how desperately I had needed it. 6 months later, that relationship was over. I was lost and confused, a big part of my identity had changed. The wedding, the dream, the future, it was all gone. 

I was so thankful I’d started reading that book and could understand my mindset more during such a time. The next few years more challenges were thrown, just as the past had included - losing one of my best friends when I was just 27 in 2009, growing up in and out of hospital with my leg, suffering with Crohn’s disease, palpitations, a panic attack, a health scare, the challenges of running a business, and this relationship break up. I had let everything get to me. 

I began to look back though and see that I’d never been truly happy with myself. I would beat myself up, be unhappy with my weight and appearance, would doubt myself, and constantly try to be the person I thought others wanted me to be. Because of all this I suffered with fear, worry, negative thinking, and limiting beliefs (thinking I was not good enough), and all of that had such an impact in my life. I wasn’t the perfect partner as I would let my frustrations and lack of self worth get to me, my business had struggles as I hadn’t been able to step up and be the leader I needed to be. Everything suffered – my work, my finances, my happiness, my life. And I was the victim.

A Big Realisation


The years that proceeded were full of growth and learning, and I decided it was time for change! The time I would’ve been getting married in 2014 I instead spent exploring parts of Europe for 5 weeks with a friend. She decided where we went and what we did, and I went along for the ride. I was willing to take on any new experience offered - the yoga retreat, random Airbnbs, afternoon kayaking, and even as simple as jumping straight into the sea on a hot day in Croatia – with a bit of a fear of being in the sea!

I began meditating, journaling, practicing gratitude, and absorbing myself in more and more personal development books, videos, and learnings.

I continued to throw myself into adventures and experiences. For example, speaking on stages at big events, or, despite being born with a rare condition in the tibia bone of my right leg (which meant various operations growing up, having a bone graft, pin inserted into the bone, and missing a lot of school), climbing mount Snowdon twice in 2019. These were achievements I never thought I could make. But, my mindset work had led me to see that often we can achieve much more than we give ourselves credit for. This was powerful for me – seeing the benefit of switching our thinking!

I began to find my true self and found out what I wanted and what, or who, aligned with me. I found more peace in my mind and life, I felt happy in my skin, I had more opportunities, my friendship circle grew, previous relationships improved, and I finally found my perfect partner and moved to the beach with him (surprisingly, I now love going to paddle in the sea most days!). We are now excitedly expecting a wonderful little human addition to our unit, due not long after I turn 40.

Whilst I had always been in the wellbeing industry; During this personal growth, I went on to gain a life coaching diploma, trained as a meditation teacher, and then also as a hypnotherapist with counselling skills, and began offering regular meditation sessions, and retreats, alongside group and 1:1 mindset and transformational sessions. I found a new love with the work I was doing, as the positive impact I saw it have with my clients was huge.


I remember meeting up with a friend one day and, after chatting for a while, he said ‘I love who you’re being these days, unapologetically you!’. And that was it, that’s where a lot of this began. I wanted everyone to have the chance to feel 'Unapologetically You'.

I now use my combined skills with my personal experiences to help you find, and confidently settle into, becoming 'Unapologetically You' and to welcome all the amazing things that can entail too.

I have a love of sharing my knowledge and experience to support you in achieving your goals too. You too deserve to find more happiness, more love for yourself, more opportunities, and to enjoy a bright future.

You deserve to confidently and peacefully connect with who you are and what you deserve in life.

I'd love to support you in seeing you...

~ Find peace and calm 
~ Feel content and happy in your skin
~ Find and have relationships that are loving and nurturing
~ Treat yourself with love and respect
~ Enjoy all the things you dream you could do
~ Trust in your abilities and decisions
~ To feel more confident being seen
~ Let your light shine in the world
~ Feeling comfortable just being yourself

All these things are things that I wish I had known years before, things that would’ve saved me from so much heartache and pain.

The tools I have now would’ve been so useful when I was a little lost in life, or the person who doubted herself. I would’ve understood how great life could be, how much love and respect I deserved to give myself and how I could enjoy life right then, rather than putting my happiness off for when I had achieved X, Y, Z.

If these are the things you are hoping to achieve too, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll happily be your cheerleader on the journey.

Reach out today. The unapologetic version of you is waiting.

With love and gratitude,

Clare x

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