Hey! Clare here, thanks for joining me.

My journey began almost 20 years ago when I started training in beauty therapy, with a love for massage. I enjoyed seeing others simply relax and let go of the world for a little while. My work took me into the spa industry, and allowed me to develop further into the wellness side over the years as I then trained in Reiki, life coaching, meditation, and currently hypnotherapy. During this time I have also been running my own beauty retreat, The Reef, back in Maidstone, Kent. Growing through running my own business, I was able to work with building a team, growing individuals, and being a support at the hub.

I’ve always been very open minded and had a little spiritual side, so I kind of love being able to embrace my subtle hippie vibes now!

Mindfulness, meditation, and the focus on well-being is bigger than its ever been and, with a fast paced lifestyle, most of us now look to find ways to keep the mind and body in balance.

Through life, I seem to have been challenged in every area, from health issues, to relationship heartaches, to financial struggles, and loss (including the passing of a close friend when we were just in our 20’s). I struggled at times with over-thinking, mild anxieties, low moods, frustration, anger, and low self esteem. I have learned so much through each challenge, and found various ways to deal with what was thrown at me, finding that I could deal with any situation. I now find I am consistently content in life, and am able to see life and the way I manage, from another perspective.

I look now to help shed light for others to see a way out, knowing that there’s a peaceful way to live, despite any challenges going on around you. I appreciate that I am truly blessed and grateful to now hold space for others to join me for meditation and retreats. These kind of moments just fill my heart with joy… seeing others relax, someone’s breath slow and body soften, see a face of content appear, or a spark return.

I’m blessed to have you join me. We wish you a day of peaceful moments.

With love & gratitude,

Clare Cockell