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'I had already known Clare for a few years through the Spa industry, but it was at a time during the first lockdown in April 2020 where I learnt just how kind, caring and passionate she is with her work.

I reached out to Clare one day whilst I was working out in the woods by myself. I was suddenly overcome with flooding thoughts and memory flashbacks, Clare was the first and only person I thought of who would maybe embrace what I was feeling, and I was right! She simply took my hand and softly walked beside me, supporting me over message for a good few weeks which enabled me to leap forward into finding my own answers to all sorts of things. As time went by Clare launched her five day Mindset Challenge which I joined, followed by her BUY course which was amazing!'


'Clare is so caring and has a wonderful way of gently linking thoughts and patterns in a way that make sense. I had some ground breaking breakthroughs from the time I reached out to her whilst in the woods, right through until the end of the course and beyond. My entire life took a shift, and hugely important to me, my relationship with my mum is now completely different to how I have ever known. Through Clare I really learnt to start looking within, with that came a shift and transformation in my external world. 

I would highly recommend a journey with Clare!'

~ Jacqui 

'I found the sessions with Clare so enlightening. She delivered them so well and they were well paced and engaging. She used a technique that drew me into a safe and happy place, and from there we explored my confidence.

The process enabled me to feel empowered and confident in my profession. It was like I was living it and very powerful.

I have new found confidence in my abilities and I have turned a huge corner with my business since I banished these limiting beliefs.

I highly recommend Clare for her genuine approach, empathy, compassion and supportive guidance.'

~ Helena Field, Action Wellbeing 

'Clare is a very special human being, she’s welcoming, easy to talk to, relatable and has the kindest most beautiful heart, she is passionate about helping people.' ~ Emma W

'I was stuck in a negative mindset, I beat myself up quite regularly about things that had gone wrong, the past, and even things that were going right. With the help of Clare I found that my mindset was beginning to change and that I was becoming better at letting things, that would normally get me down, go. I signed up for Clare’s BUY course and was really challenged to open my heart to myself.
Listening to Clare share her story completely inspired me to want to be a better version of myself. Clare gives you the gentle nudge you need to help you make those changes. I learnt so much about myself, and felt lighter, happier and am looking forward to the future now I know how to let go of the past.
Clare is a very special human being, she’s welcoming, easy to talk to, relatable and has the kindest most beautiful heart, she is passionate about helping people.
I would recommend to anyone who wants to change their negative behaviours and become a better version of themselves.
Thank you Clare it’s changed me so much for the better, I’m finally feeling ok to be me and it’s having a positive impact on all areas of my life.'
~ Emma W
'I was fortunate enough to be one of the founder members of Clare's first six-week BUY journey.  I had previously attended the 5 day mindset challenge and the BUY journey felt like a natural next step.  This course is both challenging and full of positivity.
Clare has an aura of calm around her that is relaxing and encouraging, and a positive energy that makes you believe you can do this.
Clare is one of the most compassionate, genuine and kind-hearted people I've ever met.' 
~ Kim J
'I thoroughly enjoyed it. Moreover, the atmosphere and environment were perfect. Clare’s guidance was exceptional.'
~ Denise B
'I’ve always found Clare to be inspirational, knowledgeable and motivational and I needed something to re focus me and my life journey.'
~ Zara B

'Thank you so much for helping me get where I am. Wish I found you sooner. It's filled me with an ocean of possibilities.  Couldn't of done it without you. '

~ Michelle

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