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What made me start offering retreat days?

mindset retreat self care Sep 28, 2023

I often get asked what made me start holding retreat days.

Why? Because, I know how much it gave to me.

Back in 2013, I was engaged to be married the following August to a long term partner. That winter of 2013, it was all over.

We  had many things booked, including flights for a close photographer friend from Aus. When everything fell apart, she asked if I wanted to go away with her in the time that she had planned over here.

'Errrr... yah!'

Of course I wanted to escape the world and spend some time travelling with my good friend, during what would have been the wedding and honeymoon.

Being that she was well travelled, I let her do all the planning. I let her decide where we went, and what we did. She loved that, and I was just happy to get away and go along for the ride.

We had over 3.5 weeks away. 6 days of that she had planned at a yoga retreat in Slovenia.

It was JUST what I needed. I didn't even know it.

I hadn't really yoga'd before. I had never been on retreat. I had NO idea what to expect.

But, I met the loveliest people, and had the most blissful time out.

I stopped.

I allowed the quiet to come. I allowed tears on what would have been my wedding day.

I got so much from the time to reset.

I knew it wasn't going to be an easy road ahead, but it allowed me to be ready.

Whilst the road hasn't been easy at times, it's a road I believe I was meant to travel. I have learned SO much about myself and others.

I wouldn't be where I am today without my life experiences. I wouldn't have the life and little family I have today. My baby, Arlo.

Just like everything I share, I share it because of the difference it's made to my life, because I want to support others with what supported me.

Whether you are wanting the time out because things feel a lot and you need a reset, or whether you simply want a relaxing day... retreats give the perfect chance to do just that. 

Take a look at our upcoming retreat days: and carry on reading for the things that got me through that time.


๐Ÿ“ธ Our first UK retreat day, 4 years ago now in 2019! 

What helped me heal and get through that challenging time of grief and change?

I pushed myself and tried new things

I really began to push myself, trying new things and pushing myself against my fears. For example, I had a bit of a fear of the sea but whilst on my little travelling adventure my friend and a friend of hers we caught up with in Croatia jumped in the sea and had a swim. It was so hot and I had the mindset of just got for it, how hard can it be, you've got nothing to lose. I jumped in too.

I felt how I was feeling

I allowed myself to feel the emotions, the sadness, the grief, and loss. I let the tears come when they needed. I leaned into compassion and understanding at any time I needed to, and any time I was being hard on myself. I reflected with gentleness, and kept looking after myself.


I connected with close friends and family, and allowed their comfort and support. I allowed myself to be vulnerable, to express my feelings, to talk. It's so important to reach out to those around you for support. Don't be alone. Others want to help, they care. As someone who had never always found it easy to ask for support, this time I leaned in to the care around me. I know such times are not easy to go through, so do reach out where you can and when you need to.

I walked

I began to go out on walks. I let the fresh air clear my mind and accepted however I felt. I let myself just be.

Mindset and meditation

I started meditating, listening to peaceful music, and read more books around mindset. This was such an amazing support. It got me thinking differently, and it opened up my mind and heart. 

Spiritual side

I connected more with my spiritual side and with oracle cards. I enjoyed pulling a card and having a read. The card always got me thinking, and often brought some comfort.

I hope some of these things help you if any time feels challenging, or when facing difficult times and emotions.

With love,

Clare x


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