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Ok, this is crazy. But...

mindset Dec 15, 2023

Ok, this is crazy. But, I want to share something that you won’t want to miss out on. Like, really!!

Grab a cuppa and settle in…

I can still vividly remember the time that I was out for a walk with a friend when he said ‘I love who you’re being these days, unapologetically you’. My tummy actually flipped just now as I write this, and really go back to that moment. I don’t think he knew the power in those words he had given me, and where they would take me.

I was already deepening my own journey of mindset, and training in the tools to enable me to share my knowledge and experience with others.

Just last week; tears fell down my cheeks during a session with my own mindset coach. In order to help me gain further clarity for 2024, she asked me why it’s important to me to share the mindset work I do, to be a guide and hold 1:1 and group sessions. Why do I do what I do?

Eyes closed, I could feel the tears roll down my cheeks. My reply… ‘I don’t want anyone to feel the way that I had’.

‘And, I want to help others out of not feeling enough quicker than I had been lost in that place.’

In the past, I had been so self critical. I let my unhelpful thoughts, doubting beliefs, and lack of self worth rule. I wasn’t allowing fulfilling relationships because I couldn’t give what was deserved to myself, let alone fully to anyone else. On the flip side I also tried to please everyone else, and gave too much of myself that again, there was nothing left for me. I felt frustrated, tired, and lived day to day.

If any of this at all resonates with you, I so feel you.

I began to delve into mindset by accidentally (ha!) reading a self help book, and then 6 months later the breakdown of my relationship and upcoming wedding became a catalyst for huge growth and expansion into my journey of finding and embracing ME!

Taking it back to why… I wanted all of this healing, support, and guidance that I could now offer to be available to anyone. Everyone deserves it. To be able to embrace personal development at any stage is amazing.

Just a couple of weeks ago a 1:1 client of mine said those words. That therapy is life-changing, and that they wished everyone could experience it. I agree.

I had another 1:1 client, also a couple weeks ago, saying they wished they’d started sooner. Wished that they hadn’t waited so long, because they could feel how incredibly healing it already was. But you know, I always think we’re ready when we’re ready. Or sometimes when we’ve finally had enough of things being as they are.

So, what is being unapologetically you?

For me; being unapologetically you is the version of you who feels so unbelievably free.

Free to be themselves, free to embrace their goals and dreams, free to have the most nourishing and fulfilling relationships, free to welcome opportunity, abundance, love, and SO much more.

Everything is stripped back. We realise what’s important, what we deserve, and that life is far too short to not be living it.

I feel that in life we can also continue to reach and achieve the next level of ourselves. We are forever expanding and growing.

Over the last few years; I know I have reach new levels and heights in who I am. The transition isn’t always easy but getting through it, and having a new level of ourselves at the end, is an incredible thing.

Are you ready for that version of you? The unapologetically you version of you?

If so, I have something very special to share…

The ‘Becoming Unapologetically You’ signature programme is back in a BIG way in January, and there is also one HUGE bonus that you won’t want to miss if you join by the end of 2023. Eek!

It’s time. 2024 is waiting for you!

Are you ready for it?


What’s this excitement all about?

The Becoming Unapologetically You journey was initially 6 weeks, then 8 weeks, and now it is a full 4 month programme!!


I realised that there is sooo much involved and so many healing and supportive practices that additional time would be so beneficial, and to be honest, needed. With the NEW live hypnosis sessions that are included the additional time can give space to allow the shifts and change, but also I believe that additional time of safe space and support can guide us to new heights even more. And I’m there to be your biggest cheerleader.

What’s the HUGE bonus that I’m so excited about?!

Well, you won’t believe this…

If this programme feels relevant to you and you are ready to embrace 2024 in wonderful new ways, then I would be absolutely honoured to support and guide you through this time.

If you join by the end of 2023, you will receive a space on our Becoming Unapologetically You Retreat Day on Sunday 4th February in Maidstone for FREE!!!!! That retreat day alone is valued at £135! And you’ll get a space for FREE!!

I told you that you wouldn’t believe it!

Please note: Due to this incredible offer and the limited in person spaces on our retreat day, there are a limited number of spaces for this offer. Join today to ensure you secure your space on the retreat day AND Becoming Unapologetically You programme. Find out more.

Can’t make it to the in person retreat day? Fear not, there’s a special treat for you instead, simply reply to this email and let me know.

Past member of BUY? If you joined the previous Becoming Unapologetically You journey and are interested in returning again for that next version of you then do reach out, I have something special for you!

Jacqui said…

'I had some ground breaking breakthroughs. My entire life took a shift. Through Clare I really learnt to start looking within, with that came a shift and transformation in my external world.'

Do you know what one of the best bits is, for me, about this next Becoming Unapologetically You programme?

It ends the week before my wedding next year!!

That’s right! I feel like I’ve come full circle and am ready for ALL of it.

And I feel like I am also going to be on a whole amazing journey with everyone who joins me for this. I cannot wait!

If you’re grabbing one of those spots by the end of the year, and therefore joining me on February’s BUY in person retreat day (whilst spaces last!), then I look forward to connecting with you even further very soon!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

With love,

Clare x


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