I Am Enough

Meditation and Soul Support 

This is experience is devoted to bringing that reminder to you and your soul that you ARE enough. You always were, you always will be.

  • A soothing and uplifting meditation recording to support you and your subconscious mind in the belief that you are enough

  • A soul support audio recording to support you in boosting confidence, self esteem, self worth. It's a great reminder, and guide to steer the mind in a positive direction for best results
  •  Journal Prompts to help shine a light on some of those wonderful things you do, or have achieved, whilst reminding yourself of the best ways to nourish yourself and focus your mind away from those things you're letting go of and instead onto a positive awareness

  • A worksheet with prompts to support you in reaching that version of you who sees their enoughness, and offered visualisation tasks to guide you in going within to the subconscious mind for a real boost


'Clare’s 'You Are Enough' experience was everything I didn’t know I needed. 

After recently going through personal struggles, I was feeling emotionally confused. When I saw the title of the experience, I felt it had somehow been put in my path for me. 

Although not my first time trying meditation, this was my first online mindset experience, so I was unsure what to expect.

There is something so calming and comforting about Clare’s voice.

During the meditation, I truly let myself feel the words, and for the first time ever, I let the emotions flow. Normally I would try and stop myself feeling this way or tell myself I was being silly, but this time was different. I felt guided and knew to trust the process.

I went straight onto the worksheet, which I found helpful, and I will be recommending this experience to others.

Thank you, Clare.'

  • Perhaps you are finding that you are holding yourself back from reaching your goals

  • Perhaps you find yourself people pleasing, and often worrying about what other people think

  • Perhaps you would like to let go of past criticism from others, and enjoy embracing who you are 

  • Perhaps you would like a boost to self esteem and self worth, a reminder that you are enough 

I Am Enough - Online Workshop


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Your guide for this online workshop

As a qualified hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, and coach... a woman who has navigated shifts and change through challenge and felt overwhelm, stress, or anxiety on many occasion; I scooped up the tips and tools for this workshop to best support you in managing those times when life feels overwhelming, or stress and anxiety creeps in.

I live a 2 minute stroll from a beautiful sandy beach on the south Kent coast with my husband to be, and our son, Arlo.


This workshop is created to support you with a boost to self esteem, self confidence, and self belief. 

Testimonials are for reference purposes only. Results vary due to many factors, including the nature of personal development and individual experiences.

Please seek additional support if you need it. If you have any mental health conditions, do reach out and I can give you further advice, and/or signpost you in the right place for what you would like to achieve.