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I enjoy being engaging and relatable when I join you at your corporate events and offerings. For me, this is where we gain insight and motivation as a listener.

I am passionate about sharing my vast knowledge gained through my training as a life coach, hypnotherapist with counselling skills, and meditation teacher. I incorporate this with my own life experiences, all shared with the aim to inspire others.

I have support national corporate companies speaking at events, and sharing regular workshops for employees.


How can my sessions benefit those in attendance?

Mindset coaching can support an individual so many ways...

  • Lifting energy and mood
  • Improving productivity and focus
  • Enhancing relationships and connections
  • Increasing confidence and self belief
  • Having compassion and understanding

All of those can help someone feel more positive in life more, which can have a knock on effect to all areas.

SessionĀ Feedback


'Clare was knowledgable and informative on the topics covered. Learnings from the sessions will bring value to us as individuals and collaboratively with the changes ahead, ensuring we have the correct mindset in how to view and deal with challenging times. Thank you Clare.'

Rating: Excellent

~ David Jagdev

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