Relaxation Retreat near Bergerac, Southern France

The location of our Relaxation Retreat in Southern France is simply stunning. Set in peaceful and quiet surroundings; you can just hear the sound of water gushing from the river and waterfall, and the nature all around.

So, what’s included in your long weekend here?

The weekend kicks of with a tranquil boat trip, gliding along the river. We invite mindfulness and calm straight away and you will instantly feel relaxed. Things only get better from here!

You can enjoy a soothing massage with an expert therapist, a mindful and flowing yoga session with an experienced yoga and meditation teacher (who regularly meditates with work renowned and wise buddhist monk, Thich Naht Hanh). There is workshop for life planning, mindset and reflection, mindful colouring with bespoke designs from creative artist Aimee Grace of Gracefully Boho.

Every day we will enjoy a meditation session for calm and clarity. The Sunday we visit the local market in a quaint village nearby.

You can enjoy exploring the grounds; we have a silent inspiration walk available at sunrise. Healthy and delicious food is provided. This is your home for the weekend. How incredible is that!

Watch the video to the left where Clare shares the views the day before guests arrived to our retreat.

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Relaxation Retreat, Southern France

Relaxation Retreat, Southern France




What our guests had to say…

We were thrilled to read Jamie’s lovely words through a blog post he shared on his website and social media.

‘I learned lots about myself being on the retreat. Mainly that we don’t need half the things we think we do. That we create our own habits.

In fact I did when I was there. I got into the habit of using the water bottle we were given as the fridge there had an inbuilt ice maker. So it was quite refreshing to take it everywhere I went.

Also being in an environment solely to relax was extremely refreshing. I must admit, I have changed. All of the things I thought were important just aren’t. Made me think how much we polarise our problems. Also how little we actually need outside ourselves. It was great to meet with likeminded people and be exposed to different ways of thinking.

Overall I must say I really enjoyed myself! So much so I’m already considering going again. I really don’t feel like the same person I was before I went… and that’s a very good thing! I must say it’s an experience I’ll never forget… You’re welcomed into somebody’s home and made to feel a part of the family.’

Read the full blog post from Jamie here.


Sarah shares her thoughts on how she found her time at the Retreat in France.

Sarah says ‘We just spent the most amazing few days here. It’s the most peaceful place and has everything you could want from a relaxation weekend.

The meditations have been so so good. I don’t want to go home. I instantly felt at ease as soon as we arrived. It was just so magical. Relaxed as soon as I got here, but it’s just become greater and greater.

I realised a lot of things about myself. Thoroughly recommend it; really makes you think about yourself. Had the most amazing time, thanks!’


Here what Linda has to say after joining us on Retreat in France:

The weekend relaxation retreat was just what I needed, I had been looking forward to it so much. After an exciting summer, moving forward in my life, planning a move abroad and feeling very positive, I had some disappointing news just before I went away and I thought at first that it may mean I didn’t get as much out of it as I expected. How wrong was I?  

Clare (and Alex) organised lots of lovely things for us to do, not just yoga and meditation, but other mindful activities and also we all had the chance to just offload ‘stuff’ and talk to others who had the same insecurities, fears and problems. We laughed, cried, reflected and relaxed. We slept well, ate healthily and learnt so much about ourselves. We had free time every day and we were not pressured to join in with any activities that may not appeal.  

The house and grounds are stunning and the sound of running water from the waterfalls was very soothing. The rooms were comfy and mine overlooked the river so when the window was open, I could still hear the water. We were able to use the hot tub, make hot drinks whenever we wanted and I felt really at home. Peter and Madeline, our hosts, were brilliant and nothing was too much for them.  

I had an amazing time. Thank you.


The perfect relaxed getaway.

Would you love to escape for a weekend of relaxation? 
Giving time to stroll in nature listening to the flow of water from the stream, time to enjoy a soothing massage, time to gain clarity and completely recharge. Join us in France in September 2019.


What’s to Love?

  • Flights & transfer from Bergerac airport included

  • Food & non-alcoholic drinks included

  • Located right on the river - Peaceful sounds of nature

  • Hot Tub/Dipping Pool

  • Meditation AM & PM

  • Massage

  • Yoga Session

  • Workshop sessions

  • Visit to the local market

  • River boat trip

  • All activites are optional

2019 Dates & Rates

September: Friday 6th - Monday 9th

Personal Room (3 available - 1 SPACE REMAINING)

Small Personal Room - SOLD OUT

Sharing Room (4 places available - 3 SPACES REMAIN)
£599 per person


Your relaxation break awaits

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