Planning For Me In 2023 


 Planning For Me In 2023

Starts from 31st December 2022

Are you looking to reset and refocus for the coming year ahead?

Are you ready to make positive changes to support you and your goals in 2023?

Do you need a little guidance and clarity to realise the goals you would like to aim for, and to consider the steps to get there?

Join me!

The intention setting online experience to support you and your focus for the year ahead!

An experience you help give you confidence, clarity, and guidance, to plan for goals you have, and way you wish to live your life.

Best of all, being a pre-recorded online experience, you can do it in your own time with a Facebook group to support you as you go along!

Planning For Me In 2023.

The new year experience with rituals that aid positive change, support a feeling of release to feel lighter and more free going forwards. 

This online experience will be visible in your online member library to start from the 31st of December and will end on the 31st January. This gives you a whole month to follow and have your intentions set and focus in place before the end of the first month of the year. If you're inspired to pack it all into the first weekend of the year and be ready to go, then feel free! It's always at your own pace, but access will end on the 31st January. This ensures we are motivated to follow the whole process promptly for ultimate success and results.

Join Planning For Me In 2023 Now

What's included?

🌟 A 9 part series with videos and supporting resources

🌟 A powerful visualisation to help you get clear on how you wish 2023, and the future, to look for you

🌟 A meditation to use daily in January for peace, calm, and focus

🌟 A Facebook group which offers:

  • A friendly community for motivation and accountability
  • A LIVE introduction with me on Saturday 1st January (it will be saved in the group if you can’t make it LIVE)  
  • Active support for motivation, accountability, and any questions you may have
  • A space to share your wins!
  • Be kept accountable to following the online experience and therefore to your intentions for 2023

🌟 Journal prompts to get clear and inspired

🌟 Your Workbook: The perfect printable guide to use throughout your experience

I'm In!

Let's get you ready for 2023!

Feel free and more aligned and uplifted as you plan for your year ahead.

With so much love,

Clare x

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