Retreat for the Day

Retreat away from the world, retreat back to yourself, whatever it is for you, you can find it with our relaxed, vibrant, and welcoming retreat days with like-minded people.

Imagine heading along the driveway to arrive on your retreat day and seeing breathtaking views. One of our guests on our last retreat day commented on how she felt emotional just seeing the views. Your day from here just gets better and better.

You are invited into a stunning room of the mansion house, with it's glittering chandelier, peaceful and calming music and a beautiful aroma of incense filling the air. Feel your muscles simply melt, and your mind feel more peaceful.

The retreat day is the perfect day to completely unwind, find focus, motivation, deeply relax, instil calm and peace.

Join us Sunday 1st September for a truly peaceful day at Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone. 10am-6pm.

This chilled out day consists of…

  • Yoga 

  • Meditation with Clare

  • Mindful Walk in beautiful surroundings along the river

  • Mindful Colouring

  • Workshop - Reflection, and planning

  • Goody bag just for you

  • Healthy lunch and refreshments

A fabulous itinerary, in which everything is optional. If you prefer to relax, read, wander the grounds, instead of a particular session, then you are more than welcome. The day is created for you and your ultimate relaxation.

Just 129.00

EARLY BIRD: Just 99.00 - Book today!

We’d love to see you there!

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