Clare is a godsend that I am grateful I found

I began working with Clare to help find a better home and work life balance and to improve and grow my business. Two years on the figures have consistently improved, but Clare has helped me grow the business in ways I would never have believed I could do myself. 
Clare’s calming, but encouraging personality helps to find your strengths and encourages you to believe in yourself. Clare has made me feel that I am doing a great job, even when I am getting it wrong! Her personality guides you round to making the right decisions to grow your business at the time and speed right for you and that fit with your lifestyle and business needs. I would 100% recommend her.

— Caroline Gisbourne


Clare knows how you feel. It can be lonely running your own business or a struggle to reach your own goals alone. Wondering if you're making the right decisions, thinking where you could improve and grow, not having the extra support from someone who understands.

Some of the most successful business men and women gained extra business support. So, if you're surfing the net for extra help thinking 'but will people think I can't do it' or 'does it look like I can't cope', then fear not... Even Richard Branson had a mentor in Freddie Laker who famously said to him. "Make a fool of yourself. Otherwise you won't survive." 

It can be wise to gain outside guidance and support for your business with someone who has their own business experience or has been through the challenges, who can look at your situation from an outside perspective and help guide you towards your goals.

The most important thing when finding someone to support you is that you click with that person and feel they are on your wavelength.


As someone who built two multi award-wining businesses, became a name in the industry, a judge in the national industry awards, plus has trained and grown into leadership, management, meditation, and life coaching; I believe I can help you. 

Mentoring & Support

One of the most valuable ways I can help you is one-to-one mentoring, giving you support and guidance to help you grow

One-to-one sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements for your current business and personal position. After an initial consultation we can plan the best way forwards to work together. I believe my expertise can help you achieve further in your business and grow as an individual

Specific support to push your business and revenue forwards can cover:

  • Helping you grow and progress your teams 
  • Working with you as an individual to boost your passion, motivation and confidence to be the leader you are
  • Improving management skills and/or ways to grow and delegate with a manager in your business
  • Discover your brand and how to accelerate it
  • Go back to your 'why' and leverage your business from it

“Be inspired and let the adventure begin”

— Clare


The next step? Simply contact me for a complimentary consultation and we can discuss the opportunity further