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Peak State: Take Your Mind to the ‘Gym’

Peak state: You take your body to the gym to improve and strengthen it, you need to do the same with your mind. 🤯 Mindblowing, right?!

I’m currently at a fantastic two day business seminar in London. One of the speaker statements was about how you need to work on your mind, like you do your body in the gym. This is something I’ve heard many, many times before, and I know to be true, so thought I’d share.

I work regularly on my mindset and on keeping myself in a balanced state, and have done for a good few years now. So, I know the truth of this statement. In the past, like many, I have been in low places, and high places. I also know my peak places. I feel I’m in peak place now.

I look back on past times and know that I have been in places, that yeeeears before that, I thought were good places. Places that I thought were the best it could be. Or places which are just the norm. Day to day life getting on, and it was good. I felt happy enough. But, peak place is the amaaaazing difference from a general ‘good’ place to waaaaybuo there. Many of you many have experienced it... Inner peace, relaxed with any situations, feeling truly ‘myself’, feeling bright and happy, feeling the power of the mind and knowing that you can control it, and move life forward. It feels powerful really, as a place.