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Lose Your Mind, Find Your Soul

Lose Your Mind, Find Your Soul


 ‘And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.’ Unknown.

Life is full of ups and downs. If we didn’t have the downs, we wouldn’t know the ups. It constantly throws us challenges and that’s how we learn and grow.

I’ll be honest, I’d been thrown a few challenges recently, and it had eventually started to feel a little foggy for a few days. I’m so thankful, as I know challenges help me be a better me, and they also help me understand and be in a better place to support others. If I hadn’t had those little moments, I wouldn’t know what other’s experience and how to help, and I love being able to help others get back to that balanced state, to see the bigger picture and come to great realisations. If I hadn’t had those moments, I would be sharing without really even knowing.

There’s no one on this planet who isn’t struck by difficult thoughts, feelings or emotions on occasion, but it’s how we deal with it.

I have learned how to step back and try to be the observer in situations. I know how important it is to do things that bring about my complete balance of being, rather than dwelling in any less positive emotions. So that’s what I started to do. Alongside a healthy regime for mind and body; I started to look at every angle, I accepted what was happening, I allowed myself to step back and look at things (as I always do) as a lesson. Everything always happens for a reason and it’s down to us to figure out why and how we learn from it and use it. 

I was in the sauna yesterday and a guy got chatting away to me - for far too long, may I add!! By the time I finally managed to end the conversation and get out of there, my face was brighter than a bright red thing!! Great conversations, but far too long in the sauna!! Anyway, one conversation we had was about Instagram, the filters that can be applied, and the perfect Instagram life portrayal. It’s true, isn’t it. Many influencers almost portray perfection. However, in reality we all need to be conscious that life is not anything like that, for anyone. I hope never to portray that my life is perfect, that kind of life doesn’t exist, gives false hope to others and puts pressure on us all. It’s simply about how we see and react to life. Now, I loooove life and am so truly happy and grateful, DESPITE any challenges. That’s what a happy life is about. It’s about seeing the best from each situation.

So today I took myself for a good walk through the woods. I took it slower and simply enjoyed the quiet, the birds, the sunshine. Today, that complete calm was felt. It felt incredible and I felt sooooo happy to feel it. When it disappears for moment and you start to feel the fog, that for some might be normal day to day living, it’s so absolutely breathtaking to the core to find that calm deep down to your soul again. 

If you ever need any support to get back there, feel free to message. 

For the sake of being in line with this post, the photo... No filter.

I wish I had two 'normal' legs, but I don't

I wish I had two 'normal' legs, but I don't

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​Do you ever just stop and think... ‘what if?!’