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The Importance of  Structure to Your Day, and Time Out

The Importance of Structure to Your Day, and Time Out

There are a lot of pressures when running your own business, and it’s all too easy to get caught up in overworking, reacting to demands (meaning a lack of structure), and therefore, overwhelm, and lack of productivity.

You’ve probably been there yourself. Burn out.

You’ve been running on the hamster wheel, trying to get everything done, working into the evening, adapting and responding to everyone else’s needs, and you reached the point where you felt stressed. The point where you feel you have lack of time, you can’t focus, and you simply want to shut the world away for a bit.

It can be so easy not to have a set structure to your week. You’re trying to fit everything in, and not only that, but the team need your support, and you’re trying to be on hand for any difficulties they may be facing too.

So, how do we avoid the burn out?

One thing I’ve learnt is that structure is very important to your week. Having set days to work, and delegating that time to set projects. Obviously, there will always be times when something crops up and takes your attention elsewhere, and that’s ok. It’s important to accept that sometimes that will happen, and it’s ok. But, by having the structure there in the first place, you’ll stick to it more and feel more organised and calm, rather than running around from one thing to the next and feeling simply like you’re reacting to the demands of the business and team and not achieving what you feel you need to achieve.

Within that time, I recommend you also schedule time with your team. One to one meetings really help to keep on top of the communication with the team, and therefore prevent problems and larger demands rearing their ugly head further down the line.

On top of structure, time out! I know far too many people who are working hard on their business, sometimes all day every day, and not giving time out for themselves. Why is it so important to give time out? I hear you… You have lots to do, so much to keep on top of, and get done if you want to achieve your goals! Sure, I get that. But, and it’s a big one, if you’re constantly filling your time with work, you’re not actually allowing space in your mind for clarity, your best decisions and creative ideas.

How often have you been working on a task, say for example your newsletter or monthly marketing, and you’re just not getting the ideas come to you. It’s feeling stressful as you need to get it done. You’ve been so busy on other things that now this is important and needs to be completed. And, how many times have you been in a random place or situation and had a stroke of genius come to you? The washing up perhaps, a yoga session, or driving? This just shows how just giving yourself a little space and time is so good for your mind and therefore business. If you’re feeling this when trying to focus on a task, trying heading out for a little walk, do some chores that also need doing, and come back to it. More importantly though, start to give yourself time out now to avoid getting to that point and to prevent this situation regularly cropping up.

My recommendation is to try not to think ‘I’m too busy to go to the gym’, ‘too busy to take the dog for a walk’, ‘too busy to spend time fully focused on the children’, ‘too busy to have time to sit and enjoy a coffee’, and so on. Make time for those things that you enjoy doing. Doing so will make you more productive when you go back to focus on your work and give you a stronger and more inspiring business in the long run, as you’ve given time to tap into your greatest ideas.

Are you a culprit of overwork and overwhelm? To an extent, we can all be. Try adding more structure and time out (even if you simply go to sit in a coffee shop on your own to read a book or magazine for an hour), for the next two weeks and let me know how you get on.

I look forward to hearing your stories of productiveness and calm!

With love & gratitude, 


One Step at a Time Achieves the Goal

One Step at a Time Achieves the Goal