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Overthinking and anxious? Accept uncertainty - Life is exciting!

Overthinking and anxious? Accept uncertainty - Life is exciting!


A couple of years ago I was having a few days where I had felt a little off centre. A little out of whack, you might say.

I would like to have thought, even then, I was a fairly well-balanced person. Mindfulness plays a big part in my life and I tend to figure out why I feel the way I feel, and what I need to do if the way I feel needs changing or brought back into alignment. However, I'm human, and being human it is completely natural for us all to occasionally head on a little rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. It could be for any reason at all.

So I had realised that for a few days recently I had been overthinking. I would struggle to get to sleep for thinking, then during the day I would still find myself overthinking and analysing.

Thinking of future situations and conversations, thinking about what other people may be thinking, and so on.

The problem is that overthinking is not helpful, can cause anxiety and make us unproductive. Trying to figure out things that haven't happened yet, or analyse what someone else may be thinking, is pretty much impossible. Often you can come to the wrong conclusions and your overthinking can be negative, which in turn changes your behaviour and state of mind.

Our thoughts really can create our reality. For example, if you're constantly thinking you're not good enough for something and might lose it, chances are more likely that you will then lose it. 

Overthinking is also a form of fear. Fear of what may or may not be. There may be things in our lives that we would like to happen/achieve and haven't yet, and we can put pressure on ourselves. We want everything to be perfect. Really though, by having thoughts consuming our minds, feeling anxious, worrying about the future, playing out scenarios that may never occur, we are not living in the present moment. We're not enjoying and experiencing the here and now. 

So I realised I was doing this and I then became frustrated with myself. Why was I doing this?! I knew I had started doing it, and this time I had just let it consume me. Once I realised, I took a little time to myself. I had a moment of quiet and read a couple of articles on overthinking. It was stuff I knew and had read before, but just going over it and reminding myself was the boost I needed and got me straight back on track. Back to feeling calm, relaxed, and appreciative. Back to me and living in the moment. 

It reminded me that it's healthy to accept uncertainty. It's actually quite an exciting thought... Not knowing what's going to happen in the future, where our lives will lead, where our work will take us, who we will meet, who will play a big part in our lives, how we will grow. Just spending time living in the moment, appreciating everything around us and completely enjoying things as they happen, without wishing our time away. Life is exciting!

If you're overthinking, don't get frustrated with yourself. Simply recognise why you are feeling a certain way and change that situation or the way you are seeing it. Accept the uncertainty and relax about the future. Take it as it comes.

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