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One Step at a Time Achieves the Goal

One Step at a Time Achieves the Goal


Yesterday I attended a business seminar in London. I'd booked the tickets 6 weeks before. As soon as the email came out, I knew I wanted to attend. The day was finally here, and I was unsure if I was going to go.

Surprisingly I was very awake at 5.40am and, although I had been looking forward to it, I woke to doubting voices in my head. They were telling me how much work I had to do... Did I really have time to go?! Could I justify the day up in London? Was the seminar really valuable to me right now? Would I even have time to take action on what would come from it?

Over and over these thoughts kept playing in my mind and fighting with the thoughts suggesting that the course is possibly a rare one, the knowledge would be useful forever, I'd meet like-minded people, and I'd been looking forward to it.

Do I head to the station, or jump in my car and go into the office? I have to say the 'don't go to London' thoughts seemed to be winning. Even as I started walking to the station I was still unsure if I'd make it and get on the train. Half way to the station I decided I was going. Hey, I could always leave at lunchtime if I was still feeling my time would be more useful back in the office for the afternoon.

Now I love being busy. But, as business owners and entrepreneurs we can put so much pressure on ourselves. We all have those voices inside our head and we always will have them. It's about learning how to put those little voices in their place.

I know how important it is to constantly learn and develop yourself. At the same time, not to get overwhelmed with everything we need/would like to do. I also know to hear those voices, but not always truly listen. Often a lot of our thoughts are not completely legit. We created them; Yet we can still so easily be fooled by them. How is that?! And sometimes, even though we know this, it can feel like the voices are winning.

Just an hour and a half into the day and we were asked to stand up if we were 7/10 or more committed to taking action after leaving that day. I was one of the ones who stood up. Yet that morning I wasn't even sure if I was going to go to the event!

It's so important to take yourself out of the situation every now and then. It offers us time to gain clarity, reflect, and learn more. A chance to put things into perspective and have new ideas spring themselves onto us. Attending seminars like these are so motivating. They keep us on track, give us a boost and we have the chance to meet new, like-minded people who we can learn from and can help keep us accountable.

Today I was sat between two fantastic women who were such a pleasure to meet and speak with. It was so nice to find out more about them during our lunch break. We found ourselves passing on useful knowledge and inspiring each other, and I'm thankful for meeting them today. Funnily enough, both were in a similar industry to me. Everything happens for a reason, right!

It was mentioned through the seminar that we can give ourselves many excuses and hold ourselves back from taking action, and that's just what I had nearly done that morning. I very nearly didn't take the action in attending the event, let alone taking action after it. We need to understand that it's about taking one step at a time. One small action after another will get us to our goal.

You can be sure that I'll now be taking action after the seminar. Another step forwards on my path and in the direction of my goals. It's ok that we never finish our to do list. I'll be heading in to work today refreshed and inspired with some knowledge I didn't have yesterday.

What excuses do the little voices give you? Do you let it hold you back? What can you do to learn and develop yourself further?

Whether it comes to business or your personal life; One step at a time achieves the goal.

Overthinking and anxious? Accept uncertainty - Life is exciting!

Overthinking and anxious? Accept uncertainty - Life is exciting!

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