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Never Judge a Book

Never Judge a Book


This was me in NYC last year. What an incredible trip. One of the very best I’ve had, and I was alone. I spent 6 days on my own in the states from New York, through to Boston. I want to tell you about my plane journey...

So, I hop on board and find my seat. An aisle seat, with a space next to me, and a man over by the window. A couple of rows down on the right, there’s a man looking a bit shifty. He’s looking around a bit. A woman gets on the plane. He’s in her seat. He gets up, and looks for another one, realising he may have to admit defeat and sit in his own seat... which it had dawned on me was the one in the middle next to me. I ask if he’s wanting to sit there and he, kind of sulkily, says yes.

So this guy, he’s BIG. Like HUGE. And there was no smile on his face. My heart was pounding. This is the first time I was taking as long a break away on my own, and in a completely different country, and I was internally starting to freak out a tad. Feeling a little bit intimidated about being on my own here. This guy didn’t look very happy, he clearly didn’t want to sit in this middle seat next to me. I keep telling myself that it’s ok, it’ll be ok, I’m just overthinking about this trip ahead - trying to manage my way alone across a huuuuge city, figuring out transport to make my way across to Boston via another stop in New England. I give myself a talking to. Stay calm. You’ve got this!

.The plane takes off. We start to head into the sky. Breeeeeathe. We start to level out slightly and a little way into the flight, this big guy next to me gets out his meditation beads and personal development book. I’ll be honest, due to fear kicking in, I may have made initial assumptions, as I didn’t expect that. He starts meditating through his beads.

Wooooooow!! Ok.

He later wraps them around his wrist.

‘Love the beads’ I comment. We get chatting. This guy is AWESOME!! We talk about his book and other books we’ve read, about the yoga retreats he and I have been on, his meditation beads, herbal tea, his trip to Iceland (my flight went via here), and so much more.

He told me not to be lame by getting a cab from the airport, but to get the train instead. Hmm. I’d experienced so much more in my short NYC visit and see some of the real city, he said. He told me where to go and how to find the train. He made me push my boundaries. He even gave me the last of his Yogi teas, ‘calming’, ‘positive energy’ and ‘blues away’. So, after the flight, I navigated my way to the train, caught it from JFK to Penn Station and then walked through Times Square to my hotel. I was buzzing!! Walking through that incredible atmosphere and catching the public transport alone. I was literally unstoppable. Watch out world!!

I was so thankful to this guy who, I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to have anything in common with. However, we chatted the whole flight. Without that experience it wouldn’t have reminded me that you really don’t know people by their look or style. Without meeting him, I wouldn’t have pushed my comfort zone that bit more and experienced or saw as much as I did of such an incredible city.  

I later enjoyed one of the teas he’d gifted me, and noticed it had a little quote on the end of the tea bag... ‘live righteously and love everyone’. How very appropriate. He did show love to me that day. He gifted me with these teas and showed kindness and care. 

How amazing is it that someone, a complete stranger, can make such an impact on your life in such a short space of time. I’ll never forget that New Jersey stranger who gave me so much that day. 

I learned, even more so, to never judge others. I learned, even more so, the power of kindness.  

How has a complete stranger made an impact in your life? I’d love to know!  

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