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​Do you ever just stop and think... ‘what if?!’

​Do you ever just stop and think... ‘what if?!’

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 I had a really lovely walk this Boxing Day morning. A good couple of hours outside before family celebrations continued. The first hour walking, my mind was busy. Then, the fog started to lift as clarity and gratitude came in. Nature is such a blessing.

Christmas is the perfect time to reflect, and I was suddenly grateful with thoughts of ‘what if?’. It’s all too easy to find ourselves focusing on the challenging times in life from a negative position, but how incredible is it to look at those challenges and to feel blessed for what they have brought.

I found myself looking at my ‘what ifs?’, my challenges, my journey, and feeling just so incredibly grateful. 

What if, I had never started in my own business? What if, I hadn’t had those challenging times in my business? What if, I hadn’t chosen the career I wanted? What if, I’d have married that man? What if, I hadn’t had the health challenges with my leg? I could go on, but you get the idea...

I found myself thinking about some of those in more detail. Realising how if some of those situations had been different, there’s so much of ‘life’ I would have missed out on. I’m sure I would have been happy enough. But, I know for sure that there are many truly incredible friends in my life who I wouldn’t even know, I wouldn’t have had certain amazing trips away - such as that 4 weeks across Europe with my super special friend, I don’t believe I would have joined the UK Spa Association and known the lovely souls I work alongside, I wouldn’t have had the experience of visiting a stunning health and wellness retreat in the states to assist in the World Spa Awards judging process, I wouldn’t be the business owner or leader I am today, I wouldn’t have launched my own gratitude journal, I wouldn’t have spoken at industry events, I wouldn’t have followed the path of personal development to the extent I have, I wouldn’t have grown to learn what lights my fire and feeds my soul, I wouldn’t have figured out the type of person I am and the type of relationships and care I need around me, I wouldn’t have realised the kind of care and attention I could also give, and most of all... I wouldn’t have grown to be so loving and accepting of myself.

I still believe I have work to do, as I wish to be ever evolving and improving. But I’m in a completely different space to what I was even just a few years ago.

Some of those challenges have been really tough, but if they hadn’t have happened, there’s a whole lot I would’ve missed out on (as you can see). I like to feel lucky to have experienced so much more. I’m blessed to come from a place of understanding now. I will always try to move on from a challenge and look at what I’ve learnt and appreciate the positives gained. Also to see why I’ve been thrown that challenge.  

How about you? What would have been different for you?  

Wishes and love to you this festive season, 


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