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Top 10 Tips for Allowing Balance, and Inviting Happiness into Your Life

Top 10 Tips for Allowing Balance, and Inviting Happiness into Your Life

I wanted to share my top ten tips, from my own experience, on what I have found to bring calm, balance and happiness in my day to day, no matter what is going on around me. If these are new to you, but you feel you want the results of what these can bring then set yourself a challenge… Try these for just 14 days and see the difference it can start to make.

Any questions, feel free to contact me.  

1.     Be true to yourself

Always be true to yourself. If something feels right for you, do it and don’t let others cloud your judgement. Always trust in yourself and your abilities as after all, you know you better than anyone else!

Know that you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone, you are good enough and you don’t need to achieve anything just to prove yourself to someone else. Always achieve for you. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a great motivator to show others what you can achieve and to prove people wrong, but don’t get stuck there. If you get stuck there then you may start always try striving for approval, and not truly be in the moment and appreciating your achievements.  

2.     Be present

Live in the very moment. Allow yourself to appreciate all the little things around you in every single day – your morning tea, food in the fridge, a cosy bed, a smile, and so on. Be happy with now and all that you have. Don’t keep pushing the goal post, thinking ‘I’ll be happy when…’ as so often we reach that point and push the goal post forwards again, never truly allowing ourselves to be happy today. Being present also means we have less time to stress about the past or the future. We only have the time to enjoy the now! 

3.     Let go

Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you – mistakes, worries about the past or future, judgements from others, other people’s fears, your own fears, thinking negatively about yourself, and so on. Always forgive yourself as you forgive others, and simply let negativity bounce off you. We achieve nothing by keeping hold of doubts, fears, and regrets; That does nothing but eat us up inside and prevent us from moving forwards. It’s time to move on. How exciting is it that from this moment on, you can literally be who you want to be, set new standards for yourself and look forward to creating happiness?  

4.     Only you can make you happy

Know that no one else can make you happy or unhappy. Others may not treat you right, but they can only make you unhappy if you allow them to. Don’t keep hold of harsh words sent you way, or acts towards you that you consider wrong. Allow those to simply be a reflection of the other person and continue on yourself with grace and happiness. Always keep your positivity and create your own happiness. Keep yourself in balance and in check to stay in the happy zone.


5.     Be honest

Always be open and honest, even if it hurts. It’s better to have good communication with others and be completely honest. You always need to honour yourself with this. Being honest can allow you and/or others to move on or move forwards, it can allow for growth, improvement, and better communication. It can allow more opportunities and improve happiness by knowing you are simply yourself.

6.     Push your comfort zone

It’s a great motivator when we push our comfort zone and achieve things we thought may be difficult, or that we felt we probably couldn’t achieve. The more we push our comfort zone and ride through any discomfort or unease, the easier it is next time and our comfort zone starts to expand and expand. We feel happier, and proud of ourselves for doing so and we live more in a place of balance from understanding the feelings, emotions, and thought processes from comfortable to pushing through any small fears.

7.     Visualise

Close your eyes and visualise how you’d like life to be or how you’d like to see yourself. Visualisation is powerful for achieving goals, for fighting fear when pushing the comfort zone, and for tapping into a place of happiness, confidence and calm. See it and feel it! Continue in your day to day with that visualisation in mind. 

8.     Journal and practice gratitude

Gratitude ensures we focus on all the positives in life and each day. The time to think of positives we are grateful for naturally gravitates more and more into our subconscious day to day minds. Have a journal where each day you can write down three things you are grateful for. You can also use your journal for focus and planning which also helps to bring calm, and keep you motivated and inspired. Write down what’s important to you, what you are proud of, what your fears are and how you can let go of or move on from them, and so on. If you search online you will find many fabulous journaling ideas to give you a great boost.


9.     Look after yourself

Feed yourself with nutritional and healthy foods as much as you can, be conscious of how you treat yourself. Get out in nature when you can to breathe in the fresh air and recharge yourself, it’s so good for the mind and body. Exercise and stretch, keep the endorphins going for that positive vibe. Take an occasional relaxing bath in essential oil aromas and salts. Drink plenty of water to keep your mind and body hydrated. Also, have a think on what works for you; What brings you happiness, and enjoyment? Perhaps horse riding, spending time with animals, gardening, reading, art, knitting, and so on.

10.  Meditate

Meditate, meditate, meditate. The benefits of meditation are huge. Scientifically proven to improve our emotional balance, bring clarity, more calm and peace in our day to day, reduce stress and anxiety, aid sleep, lower blood pressure, increase confidence and self-awareness, and more. Taking even 10 minutes out in each day to meditate and calm the body and mind will make a big difference. There are many guided meditations you can follow online or through a meditation app, such as insight timer which allows you to search meditations by time, or what you feel you are in need of (for example, better sleep).

I would love hear your comments and thoughts.

With love & gratitude

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