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How Can We Accept, Cut Ties, and Let Go?

How Can We Accept, Cut Ties, and Let Go?

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Isn’t it an amazing feeling when we finally cut ties and let go!

This conversation has come about a fair bit in the last week, so it felt time to share.

I had an absolutely perfect day yesterday out on a 3 hour walk in the very hilly countryside. Literally, I was in my element, the time flew! Nature can be so inspiring and completely nurturing for the soul. It was a great chance to connect on Sunday. I had a few moments of clarity, insight and understanding on many things, one being about letting go.

‘Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go’

A perfect quote for this time of year. Letting go can be so freeing and so rewarding.

However it is that letting go may be for you… for example, we can so easily get caught in a pattern (or general way) of another’s behaviour, thinking things will change and they will act differently this time, then get frustrated when nothing changes. Believe patterns over apologies. There eventually comes a time where we realise that nothing will change, or that it’s just the way they are, and we need to cut the ties and let go. Let go of being caught up in their ways and to stop allowing ourselves to be affected by them. Being free from it!

Now, cutting ties doesn’t mean we necessarily need to cut them from our lives, it just means we our cutting ties from the situation and drama. Cutting the destructiveness, and only allowing the good

Another great way of being letting go and feeling free is to ‘turn expectation to appreciation’, wise words from Tony Robbins. I always love this quote. Isn’t it also so true that we can get so frustrated when people don’t behave in the same way we would. When they don’t have the same morals, or level of integrity. But, what I’ve learned is that everyone is different and you can’t get frustrated or hurt by other’s actions. That’s on them, and how they behave may be acceptable to them. Perhaps they haven’t learned what you’ve learned and therefore don’t know how their actions and behaviours can affect another person. So, this quote reminds us that rather than expecting someone to behave a certain way because maybe we would behave that way, we need to accept that everyone is different and appreciate the other person for the way they are and act instead.

We also need to forgive them (even if this is just to ourselves, without their knowledge) to be free from any hurt, anger, pain, suffering, negative emotion, and so on. We need to forgive them for our own well-being, but also in the acceptance that maybe (and it’s quite often the case, everyone has their own reasons for their behaviour) they didn’t mean to cause the frustrations and feelings they did. We also need to forgive ourselves. Forgive ourselves for getting caught up in it, and for allowing it to be.

One thing we cannot ever do, is allow that person to change our own behaviour. Don’t be afraid of trusting, being open, kind, or whatever it is, again in future. Always be yourself and be happy being you.

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